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Appendix 12-3

Appendix 12-3



The questions asked in this sample instruction relate to the section of the evaluation dealing with routine inspections. They are similar, however, to those that should be asked for every element in your element in your safety and health program.

Write an evaluation report by responding to the following questions and instructions. Use complete sentences. Where appropriate, one sentence can cover more than one question. Your answers should reflect completed judgments. Avoid using terms that suggest incomplete judgments, such as "appears," "apparently" and "seems."

Section 2. Routine Inspections

  1. List any established objectives that involve routine inspections.
  2. If any specific objectives were set for inspections, were they effectively met?  Describe.
  3. Are inspections following set procedures?  If not, describe how they differ and how frequently this difference occurs.
  4. If procedures are not being followed, discuss the reasons and whether the alternative activity meets the objective set for inspections.
  5. Has inspection activity contributed to identification and control of hazards and potential hazards?  Describe.
  6. If not otherwise covered above, please answer the following and provide examples:
    1. Are inspections revealing hazards escaping their controls? Examples: guards removed from machines, housekeeping problems, employees failing to follow established safety procedures.  If so, be sure to deal with this topic in the evaluation of hazard prevention and control.1
    2. Are inspections revealing new hazards that either did not exist or were not identified previously? If so, be sure to deal with this topic under the evaluation of comprehensive surveys, change analysis, or routine hazard analysis.2
    3. Are inspections revealing repeated instances of the same problem? If so, is the problem going uncorrected or is it recurring after being corrected? If the former, be sure to deal with the problem under the evaluation of tracking of hazard correction, accountability, or both.  If the latter, be sure to address the problem under hazard prevention and control.
  7. List any recommendations for changes in routine inspection activity needed for next year.  Make sure that the recommendations logically reflect the conclusions made above.


1For information about implementing programs for hazard prevention and control, see Chapter 8.

2For information about comprehensive surveys, change analysis, and routine hazard analysis, see Chapter 7.