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Appendix 2-2

Appendix 2-2



In general, a well-formulated objective:

  • Starts with an action verb.
  • Specifies a single key result to be accomplished.
  • Specifies a target date for its accomplishment.
  • Is specific and quantitative; therefore, is measurable and verifiable.
  • Specifies the what and when; avoids the why and how.
  • Relates directly to the accountable manager’s role in the organization.
  • Is readily understandable by those who will be contributing to its attainment.
  • Is realistic and attainable but represents a significant challenge.
  • Provides maximum payoff on the required investment of time and resources when compared with other objectives being considered.
  • Is consistent with available or anticipated resources.
  • Is consistent with basic organizational policies and practices.