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Appendix 8-3

Appendix 8-3



It is useful to make a list of the kinds of violations that are considered major or serious and a second list of other types of behavior that, while not as serious, are still not acceptable. The following suggested rules can be starting point.

Major Offenses:

  • Failure to follow rules use of company equipment or materials
  • Horseplay in work areas or otherwise creating unsafe conditions
  • Tampering with machine safeguards or removing machine tags or locks
  • Not wearing required PPE
  • Provoking or engaging in an act of violence against another person on company property
  • Using or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs on the job
  • Major traffic violations while using a company vehicle, and
  • Other major violations of company rules or policies

General Offenses:

  • Minor traffic violations while company vehicles
  • Creating unsafe or unsanitary conditions or poor housekeeping habits
  • Threatening an act of violence against another person while on company property
  • Misrepresentation of facts or falsification of company records
  • Unauthorized use of company property
  • Other violations of company policy and rules

Link each type of offense to a structured procedure f or corrective action. Your goal is to make sure that the corrective action is appropriate to the seriousness of the violation; that employees are given the opportunity to correct their own behavior; and that the system is workable, and consequently, used and useful.


Written Warning No safety glasses


Unsafe work habits

Violation of other safety or health rule or regulation

Suspension (8 hours without pay) Three or more safety or health violations of the same type

General overall record of unsafe practices

Refusal to follow safety and health guidelines or instructions

Termination Excessive and repeated safety and/or health violations

Purposely ignoring safety and/or health rules

Unsafe actions that seriously jeopardize the safety or health of others

General disregard for safety and health of self and others