Employer Safety Recognition Program – SHARP

SHARP - Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program

Beehler Corp. Joins SHARP

2014 Beehler Corp. SHARP Ceremony

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The Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) is an exemplary program available for small employers with 250 employees or less who participate in the Missouri On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program. It is designed to honor small businesses that operate effective safety and health management programs.

Acceptance into the Missouri SHARP is an achievement that will distinguish your company as a model for other small businesses to follow. SHARP employers can receive a one to two-year exemption from OSHA general inspections. However, if the facility does encounter an imminent danger situation, fatality, or a formal complaint is filed with OSHA, OSHA will inspect the facility regardless of the exemption. Participating can also lower your insurance, reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, and decrease workplace injuries. There currently are 35 employers across Missouri who have met these requirements and who belong to the SHARP Association that was created for current SHARP employers. SHARP Association members mentor companies interested in becoming a SHARP site and strengthen their current safety programs by sharing best practices.

To participate, you must first request an On-Site Safety Consultation by calling 573-522-SAFE.

How You Can Participate In SHARP

To participate in SHARP, you must:

SHARP Certification and Inspection Exemption

After you satisfy all SHARP requirements, the Consultation Project Manager may recommend your worksite for final SHARP approval and certification from OSHA. The state and OSHA will formally recognize your worksite at a SHARP awards ceremony.

As a certified SHARP site, you will be granted a one-year exemption from OSHA's scheduled inspections. After one year of certification, you may request renewal for one or two years, provided that you:

After the initial approval and renewal periods, SHARP renewals may be for a period up to three years.

The employer can also be a member of the Missouri SHARP Association.

Not Quite Ready for SHARP?

If you meet most but not all of the SHARP eligibility criteria and are committed to working toward full SHARP approval, you may be recommended by your state Consultation Project Manager for an inspection deferral of up to 18 months if:

If you are interested in the SHARP Program, please contact our office at 573-751-3403 or e-mail us at laborstandards@labor.mo.gov.