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Youth Employment

Youth Employment

The teenage years are an important part of everyone's lives. A greater discovery of the world takes place and the march towards adulthood begins. One of the first great experiences during this time is the first job. Responsibility, timeliness, honesty, teamwork, resourcefulness, the ability to communicate, decisiveness and confidence are all elements of that first paycheck. The Missouri Division of Labor Standards closely works with Missouri employers, parents and school superintendents to ensure young workers are safe and healthy while on the job.

The Missouri Division of Labor Standards provides Missouri employers, parents, school officials, and youth information about workplace safety and health program management, child labor laws, and youth and employer rights and responsibilities by conducting presentations. Missouri's Child Labor Law applies to youth under the age of 16. Youth under 14 years of age generally are not permitted to work at any job (other than in entertainment or casual jobs) at any time. Youth who are 14 or 15 generally are permitted to work, but their work (as well as the work of all children in the entertainment industry) is subject to several restrictions. Read Missouri Law (RSMo 294) regarding child labor.

Youth Employment Statistics

Work Permits Issued

Time Period Permits Issued
FY 2005 2,229
FY 2006 2,464
FY 2007 2,487
FY 2008 1,732
FY 2009 1,637
FY 2010 1,307
FY 2011 1,023

Work Certificates Issued

Time Period Certificates Reviewed
FY 2005 4,576
FY 2006 4,357
FY 2007 4,425
FY 2008 4,299
FY 2009 3,023
FY 2010 2,071
FY2011 2,079