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GM Celebrates 100th Anniversary, Mo Celebrates 1,660 Auto Jobs

>>GOVERNOR JAY NIXON: Those of us gathered here today had faith that this industry would recover. The vehicles of the future had to be built somewhere and it was up to us to make sure they were built right here in the Show-Me State. This plant opened in '83. We wanted to make sure GM has a presence in Missouri for many, many years to come.

>>CATHERINE CLEGG: I’m pleased to announce that General Motors will invest $380 million dollars in The Wentzville assembly.  The Wentzville assembly will be the new home of the Chevrolet Colorado.

>>GOVERNOR NIXON: That’s 1,660 Missouri jobs on top of the 1,400 folks already employed right here.

>>JIM BOYD (Re-employed GM Auto Worker): Today makes it real.  I got goose bumps while  they were announcing it, you know.  This is the real deal.  If I want to make this the career for the rest of my life, I’ve got that option now.

>>JERELL HOWARD (Re-employed GM Auto Worker): We going forward and we not going backwards.  That means so much.  The legacy still continues and we still here.

>>GOVERNOR NIXON: For generations Missouri workers have led the way with their heads, with their hands, with their heart.  Because of our hard work we’re going to lead the way for generations to come.  God bless you.