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Altenburg Hardwood Lumber Company Makes a Point in Safety

>>VICKI LEIMBACH: We look at things totally different now, you know, we walk--we used to walk through and you look at the same thing all day long and you don't notice the hazards there. Now we know there's so many things that could go wrong.

>>DANIEL STARK: SHARP is the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program designed for small employers who have excellent safety and health management programs, they can get up to 2-year exemption promotion inspections.

>>SPEAKER: Altenburg Hardwood is now a member of the Missouri SHARP Association. I commend you further by taking into account that you are all a part of a dangerous industry. You are working around sharp objects, moving parts, and other hazardous equipment throughout the day.

>>VICKI: Our guys work around those fast moving saws and moving parts and things all day long. They pay more attention to what they're doing. We've got that safety committee, when we implemented that incentive program, that really started getting the guys involved too.

>>DANIEL: We do free consultation, complete safety and health assessment.  We do site specific written programs and we do a walk through of the facility and they look exclusively at safety and health management; how the company is managing safety and health; how they getting their employees involved. How they showing management leadership; how they do in training and workplace analysis.

>>VICKI: You know, if they see somebody else doing something that may not be real safe, they can say knock it off. You're saving money in the long run. You have these people come in, they don't charge you anything to tell you what you're doing wrong. All you have to do is fix it. We've got a good bunch of employees.