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August 2010

Labor Department Utilizes Social Media to Relay Important Messages


Social Media As technology changes, so does the way that people communicate and receive information. The Missouri Department of Labor is sensitive to this, and has adapted its ways of sharing information to ensure that it is relayed to a greater audience.

The most effective social mediums used thus far to convey information are the social media sites Twitter and Facebook.

On Twitter, the Missouri Department of Labor ( can “tweet” short messages about anything of interest- unemployment benefits, new programs, news releases, links to FAQs, tips for employers and employees, etc. Anyone who finds this information interesting can “follow” to view these updates on their own page. In the last month, the number of people following department Twitter account has nearly doubled.

On Facebook, the Labor Department has created a fan page. This allows members of Facebook to “like” the Department and view the page. The page has everything from daily news updates, videos, photos, a discussion board, and upcoming department events. Fans can comment on links posted, ask questions, and discuss things with other Missourians. In the past month, weekly page views have nearly quadrupled, and posts by fans have increased every week.

Both Twitter and Facebook are great ways to share with tech-savvy Missourians information they might not have sought out. It is identical to the information found on the Department’s web page, it is just targeted and marketed to a different audience.