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December 2009

Department Warns Missourians of Possible Poster Scam

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The Missouri Labor Department is alerting Missourians of a possible scam involving the sale and distribution of the state’s workplace posters, which are available for free through the Department.

Individuals posing as representatives of the state or federal labor departments have been preying on non-suspecting Missourians in an attempt to sell the workplace posters for a fee.

“Missourians need to be aware that there are scam artists seeking to profit off of their hard-earned income,” said Missouri Labor Department Director, Larry Rebman. “In these tough economic times, it is especially important that we do all we can to inform our citizens about these scams to protect taxpayers from fraud.”

As a provision of various state and federal laws, employers are required to display certain posters at the workplace for the benefit and information of employees. Employers subject to the laws are required to display the posters in appropriate locations where employees may view them. Laws affecting a smaller number of employers may require the display of additional posters.

For a listing of the posters required by Missouri state statue or to print out free copies, visit