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January 2010

Missouri Labor Department Accepting Wage Information for Public Works Projects


Dollar SignThe Missouri Labor Department’s Division of Labor Standards (DLS) is gathering wage information from contractors, sub-contractors, labor organizations, and public bodies that oversee public and private construction projects. The data that is collected will be used to determine wage rates for Annual Wage Order (AWO) No. 17. 

The AWO contains prevailing wage rates for each occupational title in each county and the city of St. Louis. The prevailing wage rate is the minimum rate that must be paid to workers (for the type of work they perform) on public works construction projects in Missouri, such as bridges, roads, schools, and government buildings.

The AWO No. 17 will be based on data received from the various parties. The DLS accepts wage information on an ongoing basis. All parties should submit wage information on the “Contractor’s Report of Construction Wage Rates” form and submit it to the DLS. Wage information submitted for hours worked during calendar year 2009 on building and/or heavy highway construction projects will be considered by the DLS to determine wage rates for AWO No. 17. Once the determination is made, the DLS will issue AWO No. 17 and file it with the Secretary of State’s Office in March 2010.


The DLS uses the mode method to determine prevailing wage rates, which entails identifying the occupational title in the county with the most reported hours for a given rate. That rate then becomes the prevailing wage rate. An example is provided below:


For electricians in Cole County, John Smith Electric Company submits 300 hours at $12/hour, plus fringe benefits. Mary Beth Electric Company submits 500 hours at $10/hour, plus fringe benefits. The prevailing wage for electricians in Cole County would be $10/hour, plus fringe benefits.

For more information regarding Missouri’s prevailing wage rates, contact the DLS at 573-751-3403. You also can access information regarding the prevailing wage law and rules at