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November 2009

Division of Labor Standards Vows Stricter Enforcement of Labor Laws


Carla Buschjost

Division of Labor Standards Director, Carla Buschjost,

 gives a presentation on Missouri’s Prevailing Wage Law.

Missouri Labor Department Officials took a strong stance against violators of the state’s labor laws, pledging stricter enforcement during the annual conference of the Missouri State Building and Construction Trades Council at Lake Ozark, Mo., on Oct. 7-8.

Labor Department Director, Larry Rebman, said he hoped to change the Department’s lackluster enforcement of the state’s prevailing wage laws in the past.

“The Division of Labor Standards faces challenges with a decreased number of investigators on staff, which has dwindled down from 18 to seven investigators,” said Rebman.

Carla Buschjost, the Labor Department’s Division of Labor Standards (DLS) Director, and James Boeckman, Assistant DLS Director, gave a two-hour presentation on the prevailing wage law, which Buschjost said was routinely ignored by some contractors due to a lack of enforcement.

“Violators hardly ever faced serious fines,” said Buschjost. “Their attitudes seemed to be: “Catch me and I’ll pay,” she added.

The Missouri Labor Department Conference attendees included union offices and business representatives who routinely deal with labor law violations and unethical wage practices.