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October 2009

Labor Department Discusses Assistance for Missouri’s Unemployed

Director Rebman Visits the Full Employment Council in KC


Labor Department Director Larry Rebman Tours the Full Employment Council

Director Rebman and Chastity Young Visit with Clyde McQueen,

Executive Director of the Full Employment Council.


During periods of high unemployment, businesses that assist with reemployment and training are more than a commodity; they’re essential.  Missouri’s Labor Department Director, Larry Rebman, scheduled a recent visit to a Kansas City-area business to learn more about its services.


On Friday, Oct. 2, Rebman and his assistant, Chastity Young, visited and toured the Full Employment Council (FEC), located at 1740 Paseo Blvd., in Kansas City, Mo. The FEC is a private, business-led, non-profit corporation whose mission is to obtain public- and private-sector employment for unemployed and underemployed residents of the Greater Kansas City area. Clyde McQueen, Executive Director of the FEC, accomplishes this goal by collaborating with businesses, local units of government, educational institutions, and labor- and community-based organizations. These partnerships allow the FEC to respond to employer needs, while reducing unemployment, underemployment, and the public dependency of area residents.


During their visit, Rebman and McQueen discussed adult training and readiness programs available to workers in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.