Husky Corporation Provides Safety Breaks for the Pump and for Workers
Department of Labor Bestows Pacific, Mo Company with Prestigious SHARP Award

Jefferson City, Mo – The Labor Department’s On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program is pleased to announce that Husky Corporation of Pacific, Mo, has earned the distinction of being named the newest member of the Missouri’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) for its excellent workplace safety record, for a new total of 36 SHARP businesses in the state.

“We would like to recognize Husky Corporation not only for their efforts to protect the safety of consumers at the gas pump, but for making the safety of their workers a priority,” said Larry Rebman, Director of the Labor Department. “The businesses that belong to this elite group are essentially the best of the best when it comes to providing a safe and hazard-free workplace and Husky definitely fits right in,” Rebman added.

Husky Corporation employs more than 110 people and produces from its only and full-service manufacturing plant high-quality nozzles, swivels, safe-t-breaks and accessories for service station fuel delivery systems. For more than 60 yesars, it has been on the cutting edge of developing and manufacturing products to ensure consumer and environmental safety at the gas pump. The next time you pump your gas, you can thank Husky for inventing the gas nozzle’s rubber cover. It was first created 64 years ago in the owner’s kitchen oven for protection during handling and is now being sold and used, along with other Husky products, around the world. Watch video and take a look inside Husky Corporations!

“I have a new appreciation when I fill up at the pump. More than likely, I will be using a Husky product which was made safely and here in Missouri,” says Rebman.

Husky’s implementation of Lean Manufacturing, including its associated waste reduction efforts, has supported the implementation of standardized work practices aligned with creating a safe workplace for their employees. Husky Corporation has had a safety and health management program in anticipation of working with the Department’s Division of Labor Standards to pursue SHARP certification. One of the safety practices recommended by the Department and implemented includes wire guards for rotating devices on machines.

“We want to be known as a leader in manufacturing safe products and providing a safe environment for our team.  Our participation in the SHARP program has given us even more tools and ideas for enhancing the workplace; in addition it has allowed the entire organization to be recognized for our extra efforts. This is truly a win-win for our employee and the company,” says Brad Baker, Executive Vice President of Husky Corporation.

The on-site consultations are discretionary and are initiated by employers who want to provide a safe work environment for their workers. Businesses that achieve an excellent workplace safety record and eliminate the occurrences of injuries on the job can qualify for this exclusive safety and health incentive and recognition program. SHARP members also have lower insurance premiums, reduced worker’s compensation, and are exempt from OSHA inspections for a period of time.

Husky Corporation was honored for its achievement during a ceremony at 2:30 pm, on October 11, 2011, at their business, located at 2325 Husky Way, in Pacific. Officials from the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Missouri Department of Labor attended the event to present the business a Certificate of Recognition, a SHARP flag, and a proclamation issued by Governor Jay Nixon, which will further signify their achievement.

SHARP was implemented in Missouri in 1991 and has since offered the highest level consultative services to businesses with 250 or fewer employees. The Missouri On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program is the prerequisite for those who wish to be a part of SHARP.  It is designed to promote effective workplace safety and health program management by helping the employer locate and remove existing hazards in the facility, thereby reducing injuries and illnesses. SHARP is a reward program designed to provide incentives and support to smaller, high-hazard employers to work with their employees to develop, implement, and continuously improve the effectiveness of their workplace safety and health programs.

To be eligible for SHARP, a company may employ no more than 500 total employees at all nationwide worksites. In addition, the worksite’s lost workday injury and illness rate must be below the national average for its industry.

Through the safety program, Missouri employers have avoided more than $3.5 million in OSHA fines. In addition, 1,536 serious workplace hazards and 6,206 hazards in the workplace were corrected by the on-site safety consultants. For more information about the SHARP or to request a free safety and health consultation, please visit  or call the Division of Labor Standards at (573) 522-SAFE.

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