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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 30, 2011

Missouri Announces Winners of the 29th Annual Mine Rescue Contest
Hundreds of miners travel to Mo to compete

Rolla, Mo-- Miners from around the country traveled to Rolla, Mo., this week to compete in the nation’s longest - running underground mining competition to prove their expertise and put their skills to the test so that they can be prepared in the event that an actual mine incident occurs.

“Mining is an $8 billion industry and employs 30,000 men and women in Missouri. Protecting this industry is important to the wellbeing of our state—however, the most precious commodity is the miner,” says Director Larry Rebman.

The three-day contest included an underground simulated mine rescue of a live victim, a written exam, and a first aid competition. The winners of the 29th Annual Mine Rescue Contest include the following:

Over All Competition Winners
First Place Winner - WIPP, New Mexico
Second Place Winners - Missouri S & T, Rolla, Mo (Gold Team)
Third Place Winners - Mosaic Potash, New Mexico (Black Team)
Fourth Place Winners- Doe Run Company, Viburnum, Mo (Maroon Team)
Fifth Place - Mississippi Lime Company, Ste. Genevieve, Mo

First Aid Competition Winners
First Place Winners - Doe Run Company, Viburnum, Mo (Gray Team)

Team Technician Winners
First Place Winners - Vulcan Materials Company, Illinois

The event in Rolla is one of several regional mine rescue events spread across the United States. Casey Slaughter, a student of the Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Mining and Engineering Program, has been competing for the school’s rescue team for several years. “This contest is definitely the best because it is the only underground competition.” To view footage of the competition, watch the department’s podcast by visiting

The contest is sponsored by the Missouri Mine Rescue Association and the Missouri University of Science and Technology. The Missouri Department of Labor’s Mine and Cave Safety Program along with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) constructed the safety course, created the written exam, and judged the competition. For the first time this year, the contest included three mines rather than two and enhanced the simulation by using props and equipment that would be found in a live mine.

A total of 13 teams competed this year, six of which were from Missouri. The remaining teams were from Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. A Missouri mining company’s team, Doe Run Maroon, was crowned the champion of the 2010 national event. This year, Doe Run’s Grey team took home the gold in the First-Aid Competition for the Rolla contest.

Missouri leads the nation in production of lead and lime, third in zinc, fifth in copper, sixth in silver, and accounts for 3.5% of U.S. non-fuel mineral production. Most Missouri lead is used in car batteries, while some is used in computer and television screens to block radiation. Missouri zinc is used to provide a rust-resistant coating on steel and copper is used to make water pipes and electrical wire. Missouri fire clay is made into refractory brick for steel manufacturing and coats NASA launch pads. Missouri lime is used in paper and cement production. Other major products mined in Missouri are barite, cement, clay, copper, fire clay, iron, lead, sand and gravel, crushed stone, zinc and silver.

The Missouri Mine and Cave Safety program offers free training to Missouri miners and employers in the mining industry. Missouri is known as the mine and cave state as it has 400 active mines on average every year and more than 6,000 caves. The program also enforces Missouri Mining Regulations to ensure the safety of our miners. For more information about the program or to view a list of Missouri’s show caves, visit


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