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Shillington Box Co. of St. Louis is among Best in Workplace Safety

>>CONRAD CULLEY: We’re here for a ceremony to recognize Shillington Box Company for being the newest member of the SHARP’s Program.

>>CARLA BUSCHJOST: So, a clip of--of the facility, which kind of made me understand a little bit more about what--what the battles they had to facing to become a SHARP Company.

>>LARRY RICHARD: I’m very fortunate to be able to stand up here and accept this award and--and in now way can I take credit for this achievement though.  It’s due to everyone in this room and thank you all so much. (Applause)

>>BUSCHJOST: It’s in the recognition that they are one of the best of the best and one of the safest of the safest businesses in the area and--and it puts them on a higher level.  It, I mean, it’s--it’s a prestigious award that the state and that OSHA gives to these businesses to recognize the efforts that they--that they put forth and that they appreciate their employees.

>>CULLEY: I would just say that through the whole process has brought management and labor closer together because they have a common goal now and with the Carpenter’s Union being proactive it just makes our job so much easier.