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Publications and Forms

Affidavit of Compliance with Prevailing Wage Law (PW-4)

An affidavit signifying compliance with the prevailing wage law.

Contractor's Check-Off List (PW-8)

A checklist for a contractor on a public works projects to be in compliance.

Contractor's Report of Construction Wage Rates (LS-04)

A report to be completed by a contractor regarding construction wage rates.

General Wage Order No. 59 (GWO 59)

Wage rates for state highway construction.

Missouri Public Work Check-Off List (PW-5)

A checklist for public work projects compliance.

Project Notification - Contractor Information (PW-2)

A project notification containing contractor information.

Workplace Standards- Wages and Hours (LS-29)

A quick reference guide for employers and employees regarding wage and hour standards in Missouri.