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Publications and Forms

Ley sobre Indemnización al Trabajador (WC-106-S Tabloid Size)

Información de los trabajadores acerca de la indemnización de los trabajadores; requerida en el lugar de trabajo.

Lo que necesita saber sobre el Seguro por Desempleo de Missouri (MODES-INF-170-S)

Aspectos básicos del seguro de desempleo, información de contacto para DES y una lista de centros profesionales.

Medical Treatment Form (WC-9)

A form to be completed by a physician when treating a worker involved in a workers' compensation claim.

Military Unemployment Benefits for Trailing Spouses (MODES-4793)

Information for Missourians who leave their job to relocate to be with a spouse active in the military. Military spouses can file for unemployment benefits for up to 20 weeks.

Minimum Wage Complaint Form (LS-51)

A complaint form regarding Missouri minimum wage. File online today!

Missouri Department of Labor Contractors Payroll Form (LS-57)

A form to record contractor payment records on public works projects.

Missouri Docket Map (PDF)

Map of Missouri Docket Locations

Missouri Safety and Health Consultation Service (LS-10)

Information series regarding a no-cost confidential service for employers to help achieve OSHA compliance and increase workplace safety.

Missouri Unemployment State Tax Automated Reporting (MODES-INF-395)

Employer information for electronically conducting unemployment insurance tax business.

Missouri Workers' Safety Program (WSP-50)

The Missouri Workers' Safety Program helps businesses improve workplace safety and reduce workers' compensation insurance costs.  The brochure is a brief overview of the program and what they offer.