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Publications and Forms

Report Unemployment Insurance (UI) Fraud (MODES-4631)

A form used to report unemployment insurance fraud.

Surety Bond (MODES-4252)

Some employers ("lessors") lease employees to clients. Unless the lessor provides a financial guarantee, such as a surety bond, to ensure prompt payment of unemployment liabilities: (1) the lessor must file a separate Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report for the employees leased to each client; and (2) the client is jointly liable for the contributions otherwise due on the workers it leases from the lessor. MODES-4252 must be used for the posting of a surety bond.

Voluntary Payment Information and Work Sheet (MODES-2272)

Work sheet and information for employers who wish to make voluntary payments to reduce their contribution rates.

Authorization for Federal Income Tax Withholding from Unemployment Benefits (MODES-4347-3)

Use this form to withhold federal income taxes from the unemployment benefits you will receive.

Change My Payment Method for Unemployment Insurance On-line Claims

Change payment method for Unemployment Insurance On-Line Claims

Classifying Employees for Unemployment Insurance Tax Purposes (MODES-INF-310)

Information for employers regarding classifying employees for unemployment insurance tax purposes.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Information for Filing a Claim (MODES-DUA-16)

If you are unemployed due to the disaster, you need to file a claim for regular unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.

Electronic File Specifications and Record Layout for ACH Credit Payments (MODES-4799)

This booklet contains instructions and file specifications for electronic payments via ACH Credit to the Missouri Division of Employment Security.

Employer's Election to Cover Multi-State Workers Under the Missouri Employment Security Law (MODES-2019)

A form allowing employers to cover multi-state workers under Missouri Employment Security Law. Part of the Interstate Reciprocal Coverage Arrangement.

Information for Appeals Tribunal Hearings (MODES-INF-166)

Information for Appeals Tribunal hearings, including what they are, instructions, and other important facts to know.