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Change of Address

Change of Address

An employer may submit a request to change its address on the Division of Employment Security (DES) records in one of the following ways:

A third party must submit a Power of Attorney or written authorization from the employer to request an address change for the employer.

Mailing Address


Mailings such as quarterly contribution and wage reports, benefit charge statements, annual tax rate notifications, and tax liability determinations are sent to the employer’s principal mailing address. 

Benefit Claims:

The Notice to Base Period Employer of Claim Filed for Unemployment Benefits is sent to the employer's principal mailing address, unless a separate address is established for the mailing of unemployment insurance claim notices online through UInteract. To request a separate claims address, contact the DES in writing by mail, fax, or email (see above). Notice to last employer is mailed to whatever address is provided by the claimant. Determinations will be mailed to the address shown on the employer protest, unless the employer specifies the determination be sent to another address.


Division of Employment Security
P.O. Box 59
Jefferson City, MO 65104-0059
Fax: 573-751-9730

Claimant Contact: 800-320-2519 or [email protected]

Employer Contact: 573-751-1995 or [email protected]

Appeals Email: [email protected]

Confidential Information Request:
[email protected]