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Effective April 30, 2021 changes made to DWC fax numbers:

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Effective February 1, 2021 – Emergency Rule:

Evidence of Occupational Disease Exposure for First Responders

Visitors are encouraged to bring and wear their own masks and are required to wear masks in accordance with the effective local ordinances. 

1-11-2021 - Hearing Exhibit Guidelines

About Workers' Compensation

The Division provides services to those who have been injured on the job or exposed to occupational disease arising out of and in the course of employment. The Division also makes sure that an injured worker receives benefits that they are entitled to under the Missouri Workers' Compensation Law. The Division's Administrative Law Judges have the authority to approve settlements or issue awards after a hearing relating to an injured worker’s entitlement to permanent benefits allowed by Missouri law. Learn more about the Division

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2018 Workers' Compensation Annual Report

2019 Workers' Compensation Annual Report

2020 Workers' Compensation Annual Report

About the Director

Colleen Joern Vetter - Division of Workers' Compensation Director


Division of Workers' Compensation
P.O. Box 58
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0058
Phone: 573-751-4231
Toll Free: 800-775-2667


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The Injured Workers section of the Workers' Compensation portion of this web site is targeted specifically to injured workers and is intended to be a resource throughout the workers' compensation claim process. It is NOT intended to be a substitute for legal representation.

Employers seeking information about the workers' compensation process and their responsibilities regarding workers' compensation should use the Employers section of the Workers' Compensation portion of this web site to find information targeted specifically to them.

Additional information about Missouri Workers' Compensation laws, the Division of Workers Compensation, the Second Injury Fund and more may be found via the Workers' Compensation home page.

Please keep in mind the information specialist cannot act as your legal counsel and cannot give you legal advice. The information specialist can provide you with general information but cannot advise you whether the settlement offer is appropriate for your injury.