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Appendix 2-3

Appendix 2-3



OBJECTIVE: Increase employee involvement in plant hazard assessment and control.

Activity 1. Conduct monthlyemployee safety and health meetings at Division level 2. Establish procedures for mgmt/employee participation in inspections & accident investigations 3. Provide hazard recognition & acc. invstgtn. training to mgmt. & employees
Time Frame Begin by June Inspections & investigations begin by Sept. 30 Complete by December 3l
Person(s) Responsible Division Managers Safety Manager Safety Manager
Resources Needed 1 hour payroll, all employees, each month; audio-visual equipment Payroll for time spent by employees on inspections & investigations Payroll, training materials, possibly outside consultant/trainer
Results Expected Employee input on s&h matters; volunteers for involvement programs Inspections & investigations being performed Inspections that ID all hazards; investigations that uncover root causes; fewer incidents and accidents
Possible Roadblocks Employee mistrust at first; limited knowledge about all potential hazards Lack of employee interest Cost of reduced production; unwillingness to spend $$
Status/Evaluation Monthly reports to Safety Mgr; evaluate yearly Quarterly reports to CEO, look for patterns or trends; evaluate yearly Keep training records; retrain periodically