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2018 Missouri Prevailing Wage Law Changes Summary

Legislation (HB 1729) passed by the Missouri General Assembly and signed by the governor becomes effective August 28, 2018. This law makes several changes to Missouri's prevailing wage system.

2021 Missouri Minimum Wage Required Poster (LS-52)

Poster to be hung in workplace regarding Missouri minimum wage

2021 Salario Minimo de Missouri requiere del cartel (LS-52-S)

2021 Cartel para colgar en lugar de trabajo a Missouri salario minimo

Contractor's Wage Survey (LS-04)

The Contractor's Wage Survey is voluntary, but heavily encouraged as the information collected from contractors helps determine the Annual Wage Order for the coming year. This survey accepts ONLY wages from commercial work (wages from residential projects will NOT be accepted).

General Wage Order No. 62 (GWO 62)

Wage rates for state highway construction.

General Wage Order No. 63 (GWO 63)

Wage rates for state highway construction.

General Wage Order No. 64 (GWO 64)

Wage rates for state highway construction.

Instruction Sheet for the Contract Payroll Form (LS-57-3)

Instructions on how to complete LS-57.

Minimum Wage Complaint Form (LS-51)

A complaint form regarding Missouri minimum wage. File online today!

Missouri Department of Labor Contractors Payroll Form (LS-57)

A form to record contractor payment records on public works projects.

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