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Publications and Forms

Resource Guide for Employers (MODOL-4466)

A resource guide for employers containing information about unemployment insurance, workers' compensation, wage and hour standards, discrimination, FMLA, youth employment laws, mine and cave safety, and federal requirements.

Salario Mínimo de Missouri requiere del cartel (LS-52-S)

Cartel para colgar en el lugar de trabajo a Missouri salario mínimo.

Toolbox Talk: Carbon Monoxide Safety (LS-85)

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be almost impossible to detect because the gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Knowing the dangers of Carbon Monoxide, how to prevent exposure and what to do if you see someone showing symptoms of poisoning is important in keeping you and your coworkers safe.

Toolbox Talk: Cut-off Saw Safety (LS-86)

Cut-off saws are frequently used in the Construction industry and can be extremely dangerous because unguarded blades operate at very high speeds. Only personnel who have been trained on proper use and handling should be allowed to operate this specialized piece of equipment.

Toolbox Talk: Extension Cord Safety (LS-87)

While commonly used across every industry and workplace, extension cords can present several hazards if not used correctly. You can help prevent dangers such as electrocution, fire and tripping hazards with proper safety practices.

Wages, Hours and Dismissal Rights (LS-18)

RSMo chapter 290 regarding wages, hours and dismissal rights.

Affidavit Compliance with the Prevailing Wage Law (PW-4-MODOT)

An affidavit signifying compliance with the prevailing wage law for MoDOT projects.

Affidavit of Compliance with Prevailing Wage Law (PW-4)

An affidavit signifying compliance with the prevailing wage law.

Contractor's Check-Off List (PW-8)

A checklist for a contractor on a public works projects to be in compliance.

Missouri Public Work Check-Off List (PW-5)

A checklist for public work projects compliance.