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Publications and Forms

Obtaining Unemployment Records: Procedures and Practices (MODES-INF-326)

Information about how to obtain unemployment records and their cost for claimants, employers and other interested parties.

On-Site Safety and Health Program Management Program Flyer (LS-75)

Give your safety program the boost it needs. Learn how to develop a fully functioning safety and health management program.

Opioid Fact Sheet (LS-73)

Facts on prescription opioids and heroin

Para tramitar beneficios de Seguro por Desempleo en Missouri (MODES-INF-288-5-S)

Datos básicos y los procedimientos para la presentación del seguro de desempleo.

Petition Form (SBM-06)

Petition form for the State Board of Mediation along with instructions for completing the petition.

Power of Attorney (MODES-4444)

A form authorizing power of attorney to a business representative.

Prevailing Wage Complaint Form (PW-6)

A complaint form regarding Missouri prevailing wage. File online today!

Public Bodies' Guidebook (LS-62)

A guidebook for public bodies that assists in complying with the laws surrounding public works projects.

Quarterly Client List (MODES-4282)

An employer ("lessor") leasing workers to other businesses ("clients") uses the Quarterly Client List to inform the Division of new and former clients. The Division uses the form to maintain responsibility for unemployment tax filing. The Quarterly Client List must be filed by the lessor each quarter per Missouri labor regulations.

Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report (MODES-4)

Employers use the Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report to report wages of their employees to the Division of Employment Security. Each liable employer is required to file this report each quarter even if it has paid no wages that quarter or if its assigned tax rate is zero. Not fillable at this time.