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Publications and Forms

Información para Trabajadores (MODES-INF-170-S)

Lo que necesita saber sobre el Seguro por Desempleo de Missouri. Aspectos básicos del seguro de desempleo, información de contacto para DES y una lista de centros profesionales.

Information about Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assitance (MODES-4640-R)

Information about the RTAA Program (MODES-4640-R) Information for Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA) and a form to request a claim for RTAA..

Information for Workers (MODES-INF-170)

What you need to know about Unemployment Insurance in Missouri. Basics of unemployment insurance after a claim is filed, contact information for DES and a list of career centers.

Instruction for Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report (MODES-4-5)

Instructions on how to complete the MODES-4-7.

Instructions for Unemployment Compensation Notice of Appeal (8-B-Inst)

Instructions on how to complete Unemployment Insurance Notice of Appeal (MODES-8-B)

Military Unemployment Benefits for Trailing Spouses (MODES-4793)

Missouri law allows spouses of active or reserve military personnel to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits if leaving their job to relocate to be with their spouse.

Notice of Telephone Hearing Information (MODES-L-20-2)

General information and procedural instructions on how to participate in a telephone hearing conducted by the Division of Employment Security's Appeals Tribunal.

Notice To Workers Concerning Unemployment Benefits (MODES-B-2)

A poster to be hung in a workplace notifying employees about unemployment benefits.

Obtaining Unemployment Records: Procedures and Practices (MODES-INF-326)

Information about how to obtain unemployment records and their cost for claimants, employers and other interested parties.

Para tramitar beneficios de Seguro por Desempleo en Missouri (MODES-INF-288-5-S)

Datos básicos y los procedimientos para la presentación del seguro de desempleo.