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Publications and Forms

Power of Attorney (MODES-4444)

A form authorizing power of attorney to a business representative.

Quarterly Client List (MODES-4282)

An employer ("lessor") leasing workers to other businesses ("clients") uses the Quarterly Client List to inform the Division of new and former clients. The Division uses the form to maintain responsibility for unemployment tax filing. The Quarterly Client List must be filed by the lessor each quarter per Missouri labor regulations.

Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report (MODES-4)

Employers use the Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report to report wages of their employees to the Division of Employment Security. Each liable employer is required to file this report each quarter even if it has paid no wages that quarter or if its assigned tax rate is zero. Not fillable at this time.

Report Worker Misclassification/1099 Abuse (MODES-4610)

Report worker misclassification/1099 abuse.

Shared Work Plan Application (MODES-SW-1)

Apply for the Shared Work Program, an alternative to laying off your employees!

Shared Work: An Alternative to Laying Off (MODES-4786)

Information regarding the Shared Work Program relating to employers and employees.

Tramite su Petición de Seguro por Desempleo (MODES-INF-353-9-S)

Tramite su petición por Internet en cualquier momento.

Worker Relationship Questionnaire (MODES-4389-SF-I)

The Worker Relationship Questionnaire is completed by a business and/or worker regarding the details of the worker's Missouri services performed. Not fillable at this time.

¿Está usted Fuerade Nómina? Fraude del 1099 - Clasificación Errónea de trabjadores (MODES-4714-S)

Información relacionada con el fraude 1099 - clasificación errónea de los trabajadores, incluidas las consecuencias, en línea de evaluación y reporte de propinas.

Application for Joint Account (MODES-2241)

An employer application for a joint account.