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Social Security Number Correction (MODES-4427)

Employers use the Social Security Number Correction form to correct the social security number of an employee whose number was erroneously reported. Employers may correct the social security number of one employee on each correction form, but the form may be applicable to more than one calendar quarter. After making the correction, please return to:

Division of Employment Security
Attn: Employer Accounts Unit
P. O. Box 59
Jefferson City, MO 65104-0059
or it can be faxed to 573-751-9705.

Termination of Coverage Application (MODES-6)

This application is to be completed by an employer that would like to request termination of coverage. Please see the form to learn the necessary qualifications for your specific employer type. This form is effective January 1st and must be filed by February 10th of the year with respect to which the termination is to be effective.

Trade Adjustment Assistance For Workers (effective 9-28-15) (MODES-INF-195)

Information about Trade Adjustment Assistance for workers who have lost their job due to foreign trade. (effective 9-28-15)

Transmittal of Quarterly Wages Reported on Magnetic Media (MODES-4260)

This document is used by employers reporting quarterly contribution and wage information via magnetic media. It lists all the information necessary for the submission and processing of the quarterly magnetic media reports. Effective January 1, 2008, the Division will not accept quarterly unemployment insurance wages on a tape cartridge. Effective July 1, 2012, the Division will not accept quarterly unemployment insurance wages on diskette. Wages may be submitted on the Internet or on a compact disc.

Unemployment Insurance Claims (MODES-INF-353)

How to file for unemployment.

Unemployment Tax Tips for Employers (MODES-4619)

Unemployment tax tips for employers.