Employers use the Contribution and Wage Adjustment Report to adjust summary total and wage data previously reported. A separate report is to be used for each quarter to be adjusted and for each separate account number assigned.


An employer uses the Employer Change Request to inform the Division when it has sold all or part of its business, closed its business, stopped employing workers, or changed its name or address. The Division evaluates the information from the form to determine whether the employer's account should be updated, closed, transferred, or left unchanged.


This is the form for employers to appeal an unemployment insurance determination regarding a former employee.


A booklet outlining employers' rights and responsibilities under Missouri Employment Security law.


This form provides employers with guidance and tips on how to file a Shared Work weekly certification or weekly claim.


Instructions on how to complete the MODES-4-7.


Instructions for completing unemployment tax registration, MODES-2699.


A form authorizing power of attorney to a business representative.


Employers use the Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report to report wages of their employees to the Division of Employment Security. Each liable employer is required to file this report each quarter even if it has paid no wages that quarter or if its assigned tax rate is zero.


Information regarding the Shared Work Program relating to employers and employees.