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The Missouri's Workers' Safety Program (MWSP) was created to help employers improve workplace safety and reduce workers' compensation insurance costs. At your request, your insurance carrier or the MWSP will assist you in creating a comprehensive safety and health management plan for your business. Visit for more information or a list of certified independent consultants who can provide safety services.

Missouri Department of Labor
& Industrial Relations
Division of Labor Standards
PO. Box 58
Jefferson City, MO
Phone: 573-526-5757

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NOTE: You may request services from both your insurance provider and the MWSP.
Under Missouri law, §287.123, RSMo, all insurance carriers in the state are required to offer comprehensive safety engineering and management services upon request from insured employers. Many of these services are provided at no additional charge, as they are worked into the cost of the premium. Self-Insured Trusts are required to provide safety programs to their members under 8 CSR 50-3.010.
The Missouri Workers’ Safety Program provides free safety and health consultation services to businesses in the state. It also offers service to Self-Insured Employers and Trusts that need assistance in meeting their obligations for a safety program under 8 CSR 50-3.010.

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