Division of Employment Security

Vision Statement: To promote economic vitality, safety, and fairness for Missouri’s businesses and workers

The Division of Employment Security (DES) supports the Department's vision statement by administering the state’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) program. In Missouri, it is a joint state-federal program funded solely through tax contributions paid by employers, so no deductions are made from employees’ paychecks for this insurance. All tax contributions are deposited into the Missouri Unemployment Compensation Fund (UTF). Payments of benefits under the regular UI program are made from the UTF to eligible claimants.


Division of Employment Security
P.O. Box 59
Jefferson City, MO 65104-0059
Fax: 573-751-9730

Claimant Contact: 800-320-2519 or click here to submit a request.

Employer Contact: 573-751-1995 or click here to submit a request.

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  • About the Director

    About the Director

    Spencer Clark - Division of Employment Security Acting Director