About the Department

Mission Statement: To promote industry and labor and protect the rights and safety of Missouri's workforce.

The Missouri Labor Department is comprised of the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission and the following five divisions:

Division of Employment Security

Collects tax contributions from employers and pays unemployment benefits to individuals who are determined eligible under the law. Learn more here

Division of Workers' Compensation

Ensures that workers injured on the job receive the benefits they deserve and investigates allegations of workers' compensation fraud and noncompliance. Learn more here

Division of Labor Standards

Regulates wages and wage rates and promotes safe working environments. Learn more here.

State Board of Mediation

The State Board of Mediation is a quasi-judicial board that administers the Public Sector Labor Law (RSMo. Chapter 105.500 - 105.598), which covers most public sector employees who seek union representation. Learn more here

Missouri Commission on Human Rights

Enforces and adjudicates Missouri's anti-discriminatory, fair housing, employment, and public accommodation statutes. Learn more here


Director's Office
421 E. Dunklin St.
P.O. Box 504
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0504
Phone: 573-751-4091
Fax: 573-751-4135

Anna S. Hui - Director

Tammy Cavender - Deputy Director