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The Electronic Mass Claims Filing System is designed to assist employers and their employees during a temporary shutdown or permanent closure. Employee information provided by the employer allows the Division of Employment Security (DES) to file an initial or renewed unemployment claim on behalf of employees quickly and efficiently. Once the claim is filed, the employee will be responsible for filing weekly requests for payment in UInteract.

As part of the mass claims filing, a recall date is entered for temporary layoffs, not to exceed eight weeks from the last day worked. A recall date entered gives each employee a waiver for the requirement to search for work.

If the Mass Claim filing is due to a permanent closure, then there will be no work search waiver for the employees.


To File a Mass Claim for Your Employees

The Employer Can File a Mass Claim in UInteract When:

  • The layoff is due to a lack of work (shutdown).
  • The layoff must be eight weeks or less in duration if the employees are returning to work. (This will allow a work search waiver for all employees in the mass claim up to the return to work date.)
  • Do not include on the list any employees who are on a leave of absence.
  • File the mass claim as soon as you are aware of the layoff, but no later than the first week of the layoff. Mass claims cannot be filed for a previous week(s).

Process Once the Mass Claim is Filed by the Employer

  • When you the employer have filed the mass claim for the employees, your part has been completed. You will need to give your employees the instruction sheet included in the information provided for Mass Claim filing.
  • Each employee needs to sign up in Uinteract to create a User ID and Password.
  • Employees need to do Weekly Requests for Payment for each week they want payment off unemployment while out of work.
  • The employees can claim each week as early as the first Sunday after the week has ended. Claim weeks in Missouri begin on Sunday and end Saturday night at midnight.

Information for employees signing up in Uinteract, claiming weeks, and setting up direct deposit. 

For questions you might have about this process please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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