The Department of Labor Warns of Email Phishing Attempt

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. – The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations warns that some unemployment insurance claimants have received emails that have been identified in other states as a phishing scam.

“Because of the vigilant eye of a claims specialist and a concerned claimant, the Department has been able to warn and prevent others of a potential scam,” said Ryan McKenna, Director of the Missouri Labor Department. “The Department continually strives to maintain the integrity of Missouri’s Unemployment Insurance system for both businesses and jobseekers.”

The suspected emails were sent from “Unemployment Advisory Department”<> and used one of two subjects: “Required Documents to File Unemployment in MO” or “Verification Required: Final Notice”. Email scams will often include misspellings or other common mistakes.

If you received this email, delete it immediately and do not click on the links as the website is requesting personal identifiable information that could be used in an act of fraud or theft.

The Missouri Department of Labor will never request personal information through email. Furthermore, unemployment claims can only be filed by using either the secure, online filing system ( or or by calling a Regional Claims Center. A third party entity cannot file a claim on claimant’s behalf. 

Examples of email:

SCAM Email Example from
SCAM Email Example from

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