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Missouri Department of Labor Adds 24/7 Online Service

Missouri Department of Labor Adds 24/7 Online Service

Mon, 10/07/2019

Jefferson City, MO - In an effort to make Missouri state government more responsive and accessible to its citizens, the Missouri Department of Labor’s (DOLIR’s) State Board of Mediation (SBM) teamed up with the Office of Administration Information Technology Services Division (OA-ITSD) to begin accepting petitions of Certification for Representation, Decertification and amended petitions online at

Applicants are no longer required to print and fill out paper documents to submit petitions or amendments. Rather, they go online, answer a few simple questions and the required forms auto populate and are submitted directly to SBM along with an electronic signature. Once the petitions are submitted online, applicants receive an automatic notification with a case number and copy of the completed petition, saving time for both the applicant and SBM staff.

“Making government services mobile-friendly and available 24/7 allows Missouri citizens ease of access during times convenient for them,” stated DOLIR Director Anna Hui. “Under the leadership of SBM Chair Todd Smith, the addition of SBM’s online services augments Missouri government’s efforts to become even more responsive and accessible to those we serve.”

SBM is a quasi-judicial board that administers Public Sector Labor Law which covers most public sector employees who seek union representation. The board defines an appropriate bargaining unit for employees based on whether or not they share a community of interest and, if certified, determines majority representation status by conducting a secret ballot election. SBM’s jurisdiction includes all counties, cities, school districts, special districts, and departments of state government, with a few exceptions.

To learn more about how the Department of Labor is working to promote economic vitality, safety, and fairness for Missouri businesses and workers, visit or on Facebook and Twitter @MOLabor.

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