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Publications and Forms

First Report of Occupational Fatality (MODOL-4474)

Use this form to report occupational fatality to the Department of Labor for the Missouri Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.

Form 8-C Notice of Appeal (8-C)

An appeal filed to the Missouri Court of Appeals.

Group Trust Member Information Update (WC-270)

A form used to report a group trust members name and/or address change.

How the Prevailing Wage is Determined (LS-13)

A brochure containing information about the prevailing wage law in Missouri.

Indemnity (Trust) Agreement (WC-267)

A sample indemnity agreement that may be used as a reference when forming a new group trust.

Información Sobre Denuncia por Discriminación (MODOL-4519-S)

Rellena este formulario si cree que ha estado sujeto a discriminación bajo el Título I de WIA - programa o actividad financiados dentro del Departamento.

Information about Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA) / Request for Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assitance Claim (MODES-4640)

Information for Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA) and a form to request a claim for RTAA.

Instruction for Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report (MODES-4-5)

Instructions on how to complete the MODES-4-7.

Instruction Sheet for the Contract Payroll Form (LS-57-3)

Instructions on how to complete LS-57.

Instructions for Completing Unemployment Tax Registration (MODES-2699-9)

Instructions on how to complete the form for employers to register for unemployment tax.