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Publications and Forms

Are You Off the Books? 1099 Fraud - Worker Misclassification (MODES-4714)

Information related to 1099 Fraud - Worker Misclassification, including consequences, online-assessment and tip reporting.

Aviso a los trabajadores sobre las prestaciones por desempleo (MODES-B-2-S)

Un cartel para colgar en un lugar de trabajo notificar a los empleados sobre los beneficios de desempleo.

Claimant Records Release Authorization (MODES-4384)

An authorization for the release of claimant records.

Claimant Request for Appeal of Unemployment Insurance Determination (MODES-4607)

This is the form for claimants to appeal an unemployment insurance determination.

Contribution and Wage Adjustment Report (MODES-4A)

Employers use the Contribution and Wage Adjustment Report to adjust summary total and wage data previously reported. A separate report is to be used for each quarter to be adjusted and for each separate account number assigned.

Employer Request for an Appeal of Unemployment Insurance Benefits Determination (MODES-4792)

This is the form for employers to appeal an unemployment insurance determination regarding a former employee.

Employers' Rights and Responsibilities (MODES-INF-151)

A booklet outlining employers' rights and responsibilities under Missouri Employment Security law.

Filing for Unemployment Insurance Benefits in Missouri (MODES-INF-288-5)

Basic facts and procedures for filing for unemployment insurance.

Filing Your Quarterly Contribution and Wage Reports (MODES-INF-394)

How to file quarterly reports for employers and other information.

How to File a Shared Work Certification (MODES-SW-4)

This form provides employers with guidance and tips on how to file a Shared Work weekly certification or weekly claim.