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Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

2017 Minimum Wage


2018 Minimum Wage


The state minimum wage for 2017 is $7.70/hr.

The state minimum wage for 2018 is $7.85/hr.

Employers engaged in retail or service businesses whose annual gross income is less than $500,000 are not required to pay the state minimum wage rate. Employers not subject to the minimum wage law can pay employees wages of their choosing. For more information, please contact the United States Department of Labor.

If you feel you are not being paid the correct wages, you can file a minimum wage complaint.

Minimum Wage History

Time Period $ Amount
2013 $7.35
2014 $7.50
2015 $7.65
2016 $7.65
2017 $7.70
2018 $7.85

Minimum Wage Posters

All employers subject to any provisions of the law shall post a summary of the law and regulations. The Division of Labor Standards has created a summary to post for the convenience of Missouri employers. You also may print a Spanish Minimum Wage Summary Poster. Please post the summary in a conspicuous and accessible place at the business.

2017 Missouri Minimum Wage Summary Poster

2017 Version

2017 Missouri Minimum Wage Poster

2017 Summary Poster, Spanish Version

2017 Version