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Prevailing Wage

Prevailing Wage

We are currently reviewing changes to the Prevailing Wage law, pursuant to HB 1729. We will keep all parties informed, via our website, as more information becomes available. You can also sign up for email updates regarding Prevailing Wage and all updates will be sent directly to your inbox.

What is Prevailing Wage?

Missouri's Prevailing Wage Law establishes a minimum wage rate that must be paid to workers on public works construction projects in Missouri, such as bridges, roads, and government buildings. The prevailing wage rate differs by county and for different types of work.

The Prevailing Wage Law applies to all public works projects constructed by or on behalf of state and local public bodies.

Prevailing Wage Basics for Contractors

Prevailing Wage Basics for Public Bodies

Annual Wage Order

All public bodies of Missouri contemplating construction work must get an Annual Wage Order from Labor Standards. The Annual Wage Order lists the prevailing wage rates on public construction projects in each county. The rates must be incorporated into the contract specifications for the job. This is the minimum prevailing wage rate required for the project. Employees are free to bargain for a higher rate of pay. Employers are free to pay a higher rate of pay.

This website contains the Annual Wage Order for each county in Missouri and the City of St. Louis. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. You can install a free copy by clicking on the icon below.

If you need the rates for a specific project, please contact the public body involved to get the official copy that is in the bid specifications.

Annual Wage Order No. 25 is final and in effect as of April 25, 2018.

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