A form to request a wage determination according to Chapter 290 RSMo.


A resource guide for employers containing information about unemployment insurance, workers' compensation, wage and hour standards, discrimination, FMLA, youth employment laws, mine and cave safety, and federal requirements.

Analyzing 2018 workplace injuries in the Retail Trade sector.

Cartel para colgar en el lugar de trabajo a Missouri salario mínimo.


This brochure is to inform employers who are or want to be self-insured for workers' compensation liability through trusts (a way employers that are usually within the same industry or members of the same association can pool their liabilities with other employers).


Information regarding the Shared Work Program relating to employers and employees.


A list to be completed by employees naming their exclusive bargaining representative.


Proof of initial, renewal, or changes to specific and aggregate Missouri only excess insurance coverage.


A brochure outlining the benefits provided by the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law in the event of a compensable fatal accident or fatal occupational disease.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be almost impossible to detect because the gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Knowing the dangers of Carbon Monoxide, how to prevent exposure and what to do if you see someone showing symptoms of poisoning is important in keeping you and your coworkers safe.