Workers' Compensation Appeals Process

The Labor and Industrial Relations Commission (Labor Commission) hears appeals from administrative law judge awards in workers' compensation cases.

Filing an Appeal of a Workers' Compensation Case Decision

A party aggrieved by an award issued by an administrative law judge may ask the Labor Commission to review the award by filing an application for review within 20 days following the date of mailing or notification of the administrative law judge’s award. An application for review must be filed in writing with the Labor Commission. A party may apply for review by letter or by using the Labor Commission’s Application for Review form (revised Feb. 2022). See 8 CSR 20-3.030 for the Labor Commission’s rule regarding the contents of an application for review.

Filing an Appeal of the Commission’s Decision

A party aggrieved by an award issued by the Labor Commission in a workers' compensation case may appeal the award to the Missouri Court of Appeals by filing a notice of appeal with the Labor Commission within 30 days after the Labor Commission issues its award. The appeal must be filed using Form 8-C, Notice of Appeal (revised Apr. 2000). A check for the docket fee of $70 should be made payable to the clerk of the appropriate appellate court and must accompany the Notice of Appeal. The Labor Commission will forward the Notice of Appeal and the docket fee to the Court of Appeals.

The Labor and Industrial Relations Commission Case Information Form must be completed and returned with the Notice of Appeal for appeals to the Eastern District.

More Information

For more information about Workers’ Compensation, click here. For more information about appeals, contact the Labor Commission at 573-751-2461 or email

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