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Military Unemployment Benefits for Trailing Spouses (MODES-4793)

Missouri law allows spouses of active or reserve military personnel to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits if leaving their job to relocate to be with their spouse.

Minimum Wage Complaint Form (LS-51)

A complaint form regarding Missouri minimum wage. File online today!

Missouri Department of Labor Contractors Payroll Form (LS-57)

A form to record contractor payment records on public works projects.

(NOTE: For best results, download the form and fill out using Adobe Reader instead of completing the form in the browser.)

Missouri Mine and Cave Safety and Health Program (LS-14)

Information about services provided by the Missouri Mine and Cave Safety and Health Program.

Missouri Mine Inspection Laws and Regulations (LS-60)

Missouri mine inspection laws and regulations

Missouri Minimum Wage Required Poster (LS-52)

Poster to be hung in workplace regarding Missouri minimum wage.

Missouri Safety and Health Consultation Service (LS-10)

Information series regarding a no-cost confidential service for employers to help achieve OSHA compliance and increase workplace safety.

Missouri Workers' Safety Program (WSP-50)

The Missouri Workers' Safety Program helps businesses improve workplace safety and reduce workers' compensation insurance costs.  The brochure is a brief overview of the program and what they offer.  

Missouri's Second Injury Fund (WC-120)

Information regarding the Missouri Second Injury Fund.