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Publications and Forms

Health Care and Social Assistance Data Sheet (LS-79)

Analyzing workplace injuries in the Health Care and Social Assistance sector.

How to File a Shared Work Certification (MODES-SW-4)

This form provides employers with guidance and tips on how to file a Shared Work weekly certification or weekly claim.

Indemnity (Trust) Agreement (WC-267)

A sample indemnity agreement that may be used as a reference when forming a new group trust.

Información para Trabajadores (MODES-INF-170-S)

Lo que necesita saber sobre el Seguro por Desempleo de Missouri. Aspectos básicos del seguro de desempleo, información de contacto para DES y una lista de centros profesionales.

Information about Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assitance (MODES-4640-R)

Information about the RTAA Program (MODES-4640-R) Information for Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA) and a form to request a claim for RTAA..

Information for Workers (MODES-INF-170)

What you need to know about Unemployment Insurance in Missouri. Basics of unemployment insurance after a claim is filed, contact information for DES and a list of career centers.

Instruction for Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report (MODES-4-5)

Instructions on how to complete the MODES-4-7.

Instruction Sheet for the Contract Payroll Form (LS-57-3)

Instructions on how to complete LS-57.

Instructions for Completing MODES-2699 (MODES-2699-9)

Instructions for completing unemployment tax registration, MODES-2699.

Instructions for Unemployment Compensation Notice of Appeal (8-B-Inst)

Instructions on how to complete Unemployment Insurance Notice of Appeal (MODES-8-B)