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Publications and Forms

Complaint Intake Questionnaire - Housing Complaints (MCHR-46)

An intake questionnaire regarding housing complaints.

Complaint Intake Questionnaire - Public Accommodations (MCHR-45)

An intake questionnaire regarding discrimination in public accomodations to be completed within 180 days of alleged discrimination.

Conozca sus Derechos Capacitacion y orientatcion sobre la discriminacion (MCHR-39-S)

Un folleto de la discriminación que abarque la educación y la formación ofrecida por MCHR. 

Construction Data Sheet (LS-77)

Analyzing workplace injuries in the Construction sector.

Contractor's Wage Survey (LS-04)

The Contractor's Wage Survey is voluntary, but heavily encouraged as the information collected from contractors helps determine the Annual Wage Order for the coming year. This survey accepts ONLY wages from commercial work (wages from residential projects will NOT be accepted).

Contribution and Wage Adjustment Report (MODES-4A)

Employers use the Contribution and Wage Adjustment Report to adjust summary total and wage data previously reported. A separate report is to be used for each quarter to be adjusted and for each separate account number assigned.

Datos para Trabajadores Lesionados (WC-101-S)

Un folleto delineando hechos para los trabajadores lesionados en materia de indemnización de los trabajadores en Missouri.

Decertification Showing of Interest (SBM-10)

A list to be completed by employees decertifying their exclusive bargaining representative.

Department Overview - Economic Resource Guide (MODOL-4532)

We are partnering with companies and workers to lower costs, mitigate risk, and create healthy working environments.

Disability Schedule and Benefit Limits (WC-110)

A visual chart showing the number of weeks of compensation payable for permanent partial disabilities.