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Publications and Forms

Self-Insurer’s Report of Compensation Payments (WC-86)

An annual report of an individually self-insured employer’s Missouri compensation payments for the prior calendar year.

Self-Insurer’s Statement of Outstanding Losses (WC-83)

An annual report of an individually self-insured employer’s outstanding losses.

Stipulation for Compromise Settlement (WC-G-11)

A form submitted to an Administration Law Judge for approval of the settlement of a workers' compensation case.

Substitution of Counsel (WC-237)

A request for substitution of counsel in a workers' compensation case.

Surety Bond (MODES-4252)

Some employers ("lessors") lease employees to clients. Unless the lessor provides a financial guarantee, such as a surety bond, to ensure prompt payment of unemployment liabilities: (1) the lessor must file a separate Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report for the employees leased to each client; and (2) the client is jointly liable for the contributions otherwise due on the workers it leases from the lessor. MODES-4252 must be used for the posting of a surety bond.

Surplus Distribution Request (WC-265)

A form requesting authority to distribute surplus monies of a self-insured group trust.

Trust Quick Reference Due Dates (WC-193)

A quick reference for group trust reporting requirements.

Unemployment Insurance Application For Review (MOIC-L-6)

An application to have a decision of an Appeals Tribunal of the Division of Employment Security reviewed by the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission

Vivienda Justa - La promoción de vecindarios libres de discriminación (MCHR-41-S)

Guía sobre cómo prevenir la discriminación en la vivienda para propietarios, arrendadores y quienes busquen comprar o alquilar una casa o apartamento.

Voluntary Payment Information and Work Sheet (MODES-2272)

Work sheet and information for employers who wish to make voluntary payments to reduce their contribution rates.