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Publications and Forms

Division of Workers' Compensation's 2015 Annual Report

This report, as required by §287.680 RSMo, briefly describes each of the programs and units and summarizes the transactions and proceedings undertaken for the year 2015.

EDI Master Trading Partner Profile (WC-EDI-213)

A profile of the master trading partner including contact information.

EDI Missouri Specific Requirements (WC-EDI-206)

Missouri specific requirements to supplement the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commission (IAIABC) Electronic Data Interchange.

EDI Project Agreement (WC-EDI-210)

A form for self-insured, self-administered employers, insurance companies or third-party administrators regarding electronic data interchanges (EDI) project agreement.

EDI Receivers Specifications (WC-EDI-256)

A Missouri electronic transmission profile receiver's specifications.

EDI Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) (WC-EDI-207)

Information regarding the secure file transfer protocol (FTP) for the transmission of electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions.

EDI Sender Trading Partner Profile (WC-EDI-261)

A sender's trading partner profile.

EDI Sender Trading Partner Profile - List of Insurers (WC-EDI-260)

A list of insurers for a sender's trading partner profile.

EDI Senders Response (WC-EDI-257)

A transmission profile- sender's response.

Electronic File Specifications and Record Layout for ACH Credit Payments (MODES-4799)

This booklet contains instructions and file specifications for electronic payments via ACH Credit to the Missouri Division of Employment Security.