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The Need

The Workers' Compensation system in Missouri is a dynamic environment. In an era of instant delivery and secure online access to stakeholders' own information, the government is compelled to engage in new ways of doing business to meet these demands. The leadership of DOLIR and DWC has recognized the urgency of modernizing DWC's systems to more adeptly respond to those customer needs and increase efficiency within the internal organization.

In order for the DWC to be successful in this endeavor, a shift in the way the Division operates is taking place. Work Comp Connect is designed to introduce an improved operating model, processes, roles, and tools to transition the current transactional model of legal services engagement to one built on a personalized customer experience.

This is a complex undertaking requiring the collaboration of DOLIR and DWC leadership, Information Technology Services Division staff, and DWC staff, as well as the involvement of DWC's external stakeholders to be successful. Starting with the initial design and carrying through testing and rollout, it will be essential to develop a technology solution that is customer-centric and works well for all users who interact with the Division.

The Process/The Solution

The DWC Modernization Program will create a well-crafted product that will not only increase Division productivity but also streamline daily tasks and provide an exceptional customer experience. Roughly 100,000 injuries are recorded with DWC annually. Of these injuries, roughly 10,000 result in lost time from work. With an enhanced solution, the DWC will have the ability to provide the best possible customer service to the injured workers of Missouri and stakeholders.

Work Comp Connect will:

  • Generate reports that provide a 360-degree view of business data and enhance regulatory oversight
  • Provide easy online filing, ensure complete and accurate information upon submission, and eliminate DWC's reliance on paper processes
  • Standardize functions performed in differing ways across DWC units and adjudication offices
  • Provide 24/7 access anywhere, from any device
  • Efficiently manage workflows through tasks, alerts, and worklists, eliminate duplicative processes, and ensure decisions are adequately recorded within the system
  • Implement the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) EDI Claims Release 3.1 standards to increase the ability to exchange information with data partners
  • Provide tracking of case submissions, management of calendar events, a more efficient claims process, and more!
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