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2022 - 3rd Quarter

The Department of Labor’s Division of Workers’ Compensation launched Phase 1 of their modernized workers’ compensation system, Work Comp Connect. A kick-off meeting with remarks from DWC Director Pamela Lewis, DOLIR Director Anna Hui, ITSD Deputy CIO Paula Peterson, and the Modernization Project Director Harsh Bhasin, was held Tuesday, August 30.

DWC’s modernization effort seeks to better achieve our mission by:

  • ensuring the injured workers of Missouri receive the benefits to which they are entitled
  • by enhancing the stakeholder experience
  • increasing the efficiency of DWC operations
  • ensuring consistency of process within the Division
  • and allowing DWC to leverage data to promote operational excellence and workers’ safety

Planned features of the new system include:

  • electronic submission of case filings and documents
  • quicker resolution of claims
  • enhanced self-service options
  • improved analytics and reporting, and decreased costs

The modernization effort is supported by a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that cultivates trust and inclusion, agile team building, and establishing avenues for generating new ideas and solutions to meet citizen expectations.

The significant investment in this modernized system is crucial to our state’s ability to improve customer outcomes and extract the maximum value from taxpayer dollars and surcharge assessments.  While many hours have already gone in to streamlining processes and building workflows for the future state design, considerable work is planned.   In the coming weeks and months DWC staff and contractors will partner with the system integrator, Objectstream, Inc., in bringing our vision of a modernized workers’ comp system to fruition for the citizens of the State of Missouri.